Middle School Girls Learn to Build Their Own Mobile Apps

Middle School Girls Learn to Build Their Own Mobile Apps

Studies show that girls and women are hardly ever actively included in technology. Whether its stereotypes or lack of encouragement, technology has historically been a male dominated field, until now! Band of Coders, an elite team of software architects, product managers and developers, recognized this deficiency in the field and committed to transform technology by starting with pre-teen and teenaged girls and teaching them the basics behind coding. With that The Loft was born.

“At Band of Coders, we firmly believe that because technology is the future of every industry, it has a place for absolutely everyone. I wanted my daughter and other girls to see all the possibilities of the world of technology, beyond just coding. As I looked around, I didn’t see what I was looking for, so we decided to create The Loft,” said Band of Coders Founder and CEO, Bobby John. “Our goal is to inspire and equip these girls with the skills they need to pursue any 21st century opportunity.”

Over the course of eight weeks, 12 middle school girls have learned the first steps behind coding and a mobile app. Each week the girls are shown different avenues of where coding can take them. They have been inspired by videos of other girls, who’ve solved community problems through technology. They have also been able to explore their creative side by building a variety of games and trivia apps. After only four weeks in the course, one girl came up with an eloquent solution to a problem, which had stumped everyone else in the room!

“The response to The Loft has been incredible! Within 24 hours of announcing the course, we had filled all the spots. We are currently looking at replicating this class model so we can continue to offer it,” said John.

The culmination of the eight-week course is a special event called The Pitch Event, which will be held at the end of the month. The girls will be taking the role of entrepreneurs, and pitching their apps to the audience.
Band of Coders is an elite team of software architects, product managers and developers who partner with business executives to build their next success. We are dedicated to promoting a culture of respect, which values diversity and fosters an appreciation for individuality and innovation. To find out more, visit www.bandofcoders.com.


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