how much will it cost to build my app?

How much will it cost to build my app?

April 22, 2015 Blog

When looking for dependable partners to work with, referrals are key. For any software startup, the first order of business is to identify who you can depend on. In the same way you find a reliable mechanic, dentist, or investment manager, it is important to seek recommendations from people you already trust in order to find the right development partner. …

Why you need an MVP

Creating an App: Why you need an MVP.

January 29, 2015 Blog

Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to hit the “GO” button on your big idea. You’ve spent months talking about it with your friends and family and now you feel ready to give it a shot. After months of patient research and consideration, you are finally able to get your business started. It’s an exciting time; you can see the end product …

5 ways to test your app idea

5 ways to test your app idea

January 16, 2015 Blog

What about a Snapchat for older people (with a slower message disappearance rate)? How about an app that reminds men to wash? What about a game that lets you pretend to be a samurai and chop fruit? We all have ideas.  If you sit quietly enough in a coffee shop you’re bound to hear someone talking about one.  Some of us have …