Anatomy of a Mobile App: The API Server

August 11, 2016 Blog

(Mobile applications have become so smooth that we can forget about the many unseen pieces making it work. It’s easy to forget that the user interface is only a piece of a much larger architecture. A successful mobile app has a layer of backend components to support it. When planning to create a new mobile application, or update an existing …

We Changed Our Business Name, Should You?

July 27, 2016 Blog

Do a search for “how to name your company”, seriously do it. Now try to follow the advice out there. No, try to follow just half the advice out there. From Namebots to hiring a pricey branding agency to engaging a psychic, is there one right way? I’d have to say “no.” I can’t give you a guaranteed formula for …

Dave’s Dilemma – Fixed Price/Fixed Scope vs Fixed Budget/Variable Scope

May 25, 2016 Business, Blog, Guelph

It was a dark and stormy night. Dave sat at his desk staring forward. Frozen. The ominous glow from his email inbox exposed his eerie pallor, the sweat on his brow and the ever-so- slight panic in his eyes. “I should have been home hours ago,” he thought to himself. His heart was racing. He had to choose. Tomorrow his boss would …

What is Your first Domino?

March 10, 2016 Blog

When I was young, single digits young, I had one of those sweet domino sets. Not the proper black and white ones but the multi-coloured dominos that include ramps and other gadgets that allow you to build up elaborate domino displays for the short lived and simple pleasure of trashing everything you’ve built with a single push. In working with …

NEtBeans 8.1: Why it’s Good for Java Developers

February 5, 2016 Blog

The recent release of NetBeans 8.1 included much improved support for Javascript and Node.js.  Enhanced Javascript support may not be an obvious companion to a Java IDE, but there are significant benefits to bringing the two languages closer together.  The changes encourage a valuable conversation on how Java and Javascript can work together and what value it can bring to …

Part 2: React or Backbone

December 11, 2015 Advertising, Business, Blog

Writing your application inside of one monolithic framework with a specialized ecosystem may not be what you are looking for. Angular and Ember could be too big a commitment. Projects with rapid iteration or evolution may find the restrictions of a walled ecosystem too confining. A framework may also be too confining for projects that need to exist, or interact, …

Which Javascript Framework Should Your Project Use? Angular or Ember

November 19, 2015 Blog

Javascript’s ongoing maturation has given rise to a proliferation of frameworks.  This is promising, exciting, and overwhelming.  The list continues to grow as different groups organize Javascript development into new paradigms.  Right now, the two biggest frameworks you will hear about are Angular and Ember.  

Tips on Hiring Your Java Developer

October 6, 2015 Blog

Java is a staple of enterprise application development, and it is everywhere.  The language has been around for a very long time in technology years, with 2015 marking the 20th year anniversary of the first public implementation of Java.  Very few languages can claim to have a growing developer base and widespread adoption after 20 years in existence.  Java has …