Your Spaceship Is Actually A Boat

September 21, 2016 Blog, Guelph

Our team spent some time last week reviewing our marketing and messaging. As it often does, the topic of process, and specifically, scope management came up. We were outlining a few examples of how our teams work with our clients on scope management and how we explain software development when Kristin jumped in to summarize her perspective. I’m paraphrasing here …

boc name1

We Changed Our Business Name, Should You?

July 27, 2016 Blog

Do a search for “how to name your company”, seriously do it. Now try to follow the advice out there. No, try to follow just half the advice out there. From Namebots to hiring a pricey branding agency to engaging a psychic, is there one right way? I’d have to say “no.” I can’t give you a guaranteed formula for …


What is Your first Domino?

March 10, 2016 Blog

When I was young, single digits young, I had one of those sweet domino sets. Not the proper black and white ones but the multi-coloured dominos that include ramps and other gadgets that allow you to build up elaborate domino displays for the short lived and simple pleasure of trashing everything you’ve built with a single push. In working with …