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We will walk you through the steps to bring your product to life.  From paper napkin to a software design brief.  We will ensure that your project has a roadmap that is clear, actionable and within your budget.


We build software products; web, mobile and cloud. Depending on your requirements we will advise you on the best language and technology stack for your product.  Our team will then manage the development in collaboration with our partner network of amazing creatives.


Is your project not going as you’d hoped? Do you need to go faster? Are you trying to optimize your existing platform and struggling with your in-house expertise?  Maybe you need a better tech partner. If you are confronted by difficulties with your in-house team or outsourced tech firm, then we can help you get back on track.


App Development

App Development

We build software products; web, mobile and cloud. Our team is dedicated to building products that are responsive, scalable and extensible. From mobile apps to platforms with extensive customer facing API's, let us help transform your industry with the power of software.



We all know that some battles require more troops or special forces. We can help get your development project back on track.

Rescue Team

Rescue Team

Sadly it's not uncommon to find a business with an under performing technology partner, threatening the success of a software project. We are very experienced at unpicking problem projects, rescuing sinking ships and managing "healthy' divorces. Our rescue team can immediately step in and help you regain control, direction and peace of mind.

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What makes us different?

We are an elite team of product managers, software architects and developers who partner with business executives to build their next success.  Whether you are engineering a new product or re-inventing an existing one, we can help bring your vision to life. What makes us different from all those companies that email you everyday offering developers?

We focus on our strengths

Your idea deserves the very best chance of success.  That means having excellent aesthetics combined with functional, scalable and maintainable code. Why compromise? Our clients love working with a technology partner who brings strong product leadership and is willing to collaborate with their in house creative group or external graphic design agency. If you don’t have a graphic designer we will provide creatives from our vetted partner network, perfectly matched to your product’s style and target market.

With BoC you are free to focus on building the business, while we manage every aspect of building your product.

We are easy to work with

We aren’t difficult, we aren’t uncontactable, we don’t hide issues.  We are supportive, insightful, respectful and invested in your success. We say what we’ll do and then we do what we say.  It’s that simple.

We have the experience

We’ve been building other people’s apps, products and platforms since 2003.  Before that we were building our own so we know the journey you are on and how to make it a success. New clients often say that working with us has been their first enjoyable experience of building software.

You are in safe hands.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies like Virgin, AT&T,  Verizon, RBC, CIBC, Telus, Rogers as well as many venture funded start-ups.

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Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

Arthur Ashe
5 ways to test your app idea

5 ways to test your app idea

What about a Snapchat for older people (with a slower message disappearance rate)?

How about an app that reminds men to wash?

What about a game that lets you pretend to be a samurai and chop fruit?

We all have ideas.  If you sit quietly enough in a coffee shop you’re bound to hear someone talking about one.  Some of us have an app idea before breakfast whilst others of us sleep with a notebook by our beds. We have good ideas and we have bad ideas.  The hard part is knowing which is which.  How do I know which of my ideas has the best chance of success? Could this be a strong business idea?

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Hit Go Button

Start Up Resolutions, Procrastination and Pressing Go.

Are you tired of seeing yet another post on New Years resolutions?

If so, you are in good company. It seems every year we dust off the same old advice and overload social media with it. What would you like to improve, learn or change this year? Make your list, share it with your closest friends, put it on your desk, etc etc.

The reason why I find this advice annoying is that I think it misses the point. I believe many of us don’t have a problem with setting resolutions or clarifying our goals. We know the grand vision of where we want to be – The business we want to launch, the website we want to build, the app idea that we can’t stop telling our friends about.

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Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to what you want to do tomorrow


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