Dream Big - Again

We have the people to get you back into innovation mode

Our team, can help you dive back into that innovation wish list.

With success comes more customers and a constant flow of bug fixes and minor enhancements. Before you know it you are "maintaining" and not "innovating". We'll get you back in the innovation game!

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Amplify Your Team

our people can bring out
the best in your team

Agile leadership, architecture, cloud migration, developer
support across platforms, languages, and frameworks

Success in Staff Augmentation is not about providing warm bodies. We help you build successful teams. BOC can augment your existing staff with everything from individual developers, to entire dev teams. We can build out extra scrum teams in agile environments, or mentor your existing teams to amplify their abilities.

Team Preparation

A little prep and your new team
can hit the ground running!

We know what it takes to on-board staff quickly

In order to prepare for working with an external team or just more staff you need to consider everything from security to software licensing. We've done this before, and we know how to get you prepared for it. Let us document that preparation and you can get the most out of your growing team.

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Prep Services
We can get you ready to onboard local and remote developers fast. We'll help you understand and document .
  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Dev Environment
  • Software Licensing
  • Team Management
  • and more

Development Teams

Provide Local or Remote Staff
We are happy to add developers to your existing team, help you build a complete team, or manage your offshore team.
  • Source Local Talent
  • Provide Remote Talent
  • Manage Offshore Dev Team
  • Work within your Budget
  • Manage Time Constraints
  • Manage Your Product Team

Software Maintenance

Let us help
After the launch of new software we can help you remove the burden of bug fixing and feature requests from your dev team. We can...
  • Fix Bugs
  • New Feature Requests
  • Refactor Code
  • Performance Improvements
  • Update Documentation

What Makes Us Different?

Band of Coders is a company of talented software developers who energize our clients projects and their development teams

We know our clients are solicited daily by staffing firms, offshore development companies and others promising to reduce cost. We recognize cost is a factor when it does not compromise quality. Our clients turn to the Band for

  • Product Development
  • Staff Mentoring
  • Onboarding Preparation
  • High Quality Developers

We are not a staffing company providing warm bodies. We measure our success by our customers success.

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